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Did you know?

Did you know, people spend 2 years of their life at traffic lights? What are you waiting for?
Of course, we can’t run these stop lights, but what we can do is try our best to not waste any time when the lights turn green.

Be in love with these years of teenage freedom. Be in love with yourself, as you’re envisioning the person you could become and as you’re accepting all of your flaws and imperfections that really, in the end, are all part of who you are. And maybe I’m mistaken but I believe that this life really will be a beautiful one if we can continue living it forward.

I don’t want these teenage years to end almost; as I’m hoping that how alive and emotional and exaggerated these times are… will last. I don’t want this feeling of living at the peak of every emotion to end. It’s draining, yes. And it’s painful, no doubt. But I think this over powerful-emotional-soul bending-adrenaline seeking- hormone raging-freedom craving-insecure lifestyle, really is a gift.

Although it hurts to fall too hard (in, and out -of love), to feel too much (or nothing at all), to speak too boldly (or wish you’d spoken up), to dream too broadly (or not have dreams at all), to feel too powerful (or feel entirely powerless), or to be unable to be at peace with yourself (or not being able to find a spark at all)… why would you wish to do anything else with these two billion heartbeats? Why not – when the light turns green – live life fast. Chase after what you want. Make ultimately foolish-spur-of-the-moment decisions (as in the end, they don’t turn out to be so foolish after all.) Be spontaneous. Burn the candle at both ends, and to hell with how exhausted you are the next morning. Fall in love quickly (that guard you put up won’t save you for long in this game.) Never fear the consequences. Don’t be, NEVER BE, the tortoise. Enjoy every single one of those two billion heartbeats, loves.

Sigh. Breathe in, breath out. Too much on the mind….The future, for one.
Funny isn’t it, how we struggle so much with living in the past only to find when we’ve found our way to live forward we end up searching too much in the future?

I suppose we just need to breathe and I’ll say once again (as it’s a proven theory now) that this too, shall pass.



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