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The End of Nostalgic Times

“I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it.” 

I’ve officially joined the NAA (Nostalgia Addicts Anon) group, – it’s self-run… by me (you’re welcome to join, as we’re all kind of addicted) – and it seems to have helped all of a sudden, to come about this realization.

And so what do we do, when we can’t accept life’s inevitable course of change and loss? I think this is what happens to us, when we’re overcome with nostalgia for our childhood as we begin to near our adult years. It’s the “young-adult-crisis” (broken record because the past few videos I’ve made have run off of this subject – but this one’s different…. promise 😉
The nostalgia becomes painful, and until you realise you need to ACCEPT the change, ACCEPT the loss, and ACCEPT that no… this year ISN’T going to be the same as last year… then you can find comfort in the present and look forward to the future instead of always replaying the tape of the past. Cause, frankly… we all know we can’t go back.

We’ve fallen victims of this affection for the past, these ideals of what everything “used to be” and in this, aren’t we living in the past? It seems so simple, but this was only an epiphany of mine today as I was sitting with Magic on the top of a hill. Looking down upon everything, letting my mind -as per usual- take off and bring me back into the past. This has been a struggle for almost a year now. Hardly living for the moment when you’re constantly comparing the present to a moment in the past – in which you’re desperately trying to make similar.

So yeah, a lot of shit’s happened to you. You’ve learned from it, haven’t you? So this autumn isn’t the same as last autumn. You know why? Because it’s THIS autumn and NOT last autumn. We can’t get caught up in the past, because this is a NEW year. There’s no more running from new experience, because life… has to keep moving ahead. And how else can we do that if we don’t accept new experience, a new time and time itself moving forward? And to achieve this, it definitely requires a bit of accumulated strength. It’s not easy to let go, it’s really not… but it’s so completely worth it, because how else are we supposed to live? We can’t live through a version of ourselves that’s outdated now, can we?

Know that the past was the past
this year isn’t the same as the last
and that this year is for new experiences
we’re all living for the future that we don’t know
but what makes it worth looking forward to is just that;
we don’t know anything
living forward is the acceptance of new things, new experiences and letting go
there’s no use in comparing anything to the past
live forwards, not in reverse loves.
because time stops for absolutely no one.
and we’re too young to want it to stop.

Oh and by the way, we really all are in the same boat. But I’m here to tell you that it all really does get better. Everything is temporary and everything, shall pass.

“Well we all get strange
And we know it
But we’re cool with it
And we all get a little bit older
In this day and age
But we deal with it”


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